Monthly Archives: August 2017

The absolute denim look! This has become quite a controversial topic in the fashion world. Some completely abhor it, some swear by it. If you do it right, you can look effortlessly chic. If you do it wrong, you will inevitably end up looking like a cowboy. Those of us who remember early 2000’s Britney […]

Monograms are back again! The thing with monogram jewelry is that it comes back into style periodically, but every time it comes, there are new modifications and features. Monograms could be last seen in bulk in the late 2013s or early 2014s. Now in vogue again, especially in high-end brands Dior, Moschino and Chanel Monograms […]

Once upon a time, as all the Disney stories started, a euphoric feeling washed upon us and the bubbling excitement to watch our favorite characters come alive started. But then, somewhere in between watching Minnie mouse in her polka dots dress to watching the latest season of game of thrones, we grew up, but, the […]

In the hype of monochromatic demand for everything ranging from clothes to shoes, earrings to hand bags; vibrant colors are being neglected. Be it summer or winter, the black and white combination can never grow old. But, the world isn’t an old black and white movie where you can rock off and enjoy the boring […]

Did you know that the galactic prints aren’t just for the sci-fi geeks anymore? Yes, they are the new trend in this revolutionary fashion industry. Galactic prints in their dark cloudy aura illustrate the deep thinking and the subconscious mind. They light the way for infinity. These prints gained popularity due to our obsessive futuristic […]