Monthly Archives: September 2017

Silver is synonymous with glamour and luxury. Going back to its relationship with the silver element, silver is often thought of when imagining anything modern and high-tech. There is a reason why most science fiction narratives end up assigning silver to the choice of clothes in distant futures. Silver was heavily featured at the fall […]

For students and working people alike, backpacks are necessities in daily life. Whether you carry books or laptops, backpacks can be convenient as well as a fashion statement. A good backpack can carry a lot and reflect your personality at the same time. For such an important item, it is worth looking into how exactly […]

Delhi has an abundance of makeup artists for wedding occasions, but who are the ones that will you give you the biggest bang for your buck? Who are the makeup artist that have showcased consistency and perfection throughout their career? Here are the top 5 makeup artist in Delhi: Ambika Pillai: Ambika Pillai has done fashion […]