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Military Jacket: A Must Have This Season!

Generally, our wish when we are kids is to look tough like those military men and dream that we could be one of them someday. Sadly, somewhere along these lines we grew up but, those khaki and green colored jackets have always occupied a corner of our mind. What if, you could make a statement with these jackets and be even more trendy? Well, yes you can!

Here are a few ways that you can style your military jacket and make your look even more trendy.

Casual Wear

The winter’s here but you have nothing to wear? Fear not, you have your always-there jackets. Find a plain white shirt and put on your dark skinny jeans then touch it up with your tough jacket. This would be a perfect look for hanging out or going shopping. And wait, do not forget your sneakers!

Sport It With A Dress

A short white dress, layered with this jacket and thigh-high boots, well, how can this look defy the laws of attraction. Get going and run off to a party somewhere!

Chick Up The Tough Jacket

You can break that tough jacket look by just one addition- floral prints. Smash this tough exterior by carrying a floral handbag or wearing a floral scarf or even going all floral by wearing a bright flower design dress.

Toughen Up The Tough Look

If you want to make your look even more stronger then you can go with the leopard prints. This look will not only help you leave a mark but make you confident and rowdy. So, if you want to make a tough statement, then this look would be just perfect.

Too Skirt-y?

Not a problem. Wear a light coloured shirt with your leather skirt and to cut down the delicate and chicky look of the skirt, pair it with the military jacket. You can accessorize this whole outfit with a pair of aviators and done.

Now, go out, socialize and make the it-statement by wearing the military jacket right.

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Military JacketSource

Military JacketSource

Military JacketSource

Military JacketSource


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